Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why another Agile blog?

The answer is simple enough, I don't want to lose $20 a week.

As a bit of background, my name is Richard Cheng and a little over 2 years ago I joined Excella Consulting. At the time I joined Excella, I already had my PMP certification and also received my CSM certification as well and had actually managed several Agile'ish and Scrum'ish projects.

During the interviewing process with Excella, I expressed the ideas that I really liked in the Agile space and how I think an iterative, collaborative, empowing approach to developing software was ultimately, the right way to not only run software, but in many ways to approach business. These thoughts and ideas really meshed well with the powers to be at Excella and it's been a beautiful relationship ever since (says the optimist, the pessimist would say thus far).

So what does that have to do with an Agile blog and $20? Ok, I'm getting there. So Excella recently created an Agile Center of Excellence, which I lead, to go along with its current Project Management Center of Excellence (lead by Jesse Fewell) and its Microsoft Center of Excellence (led by Scott Lock). So, the three of us had developed some key areas and goals that each of our CoE's should target. One of the side notes that came out of this was that we really should each have our own blobs. Now, I've been wanting to create an agile blog for years, but ultimately for a variety of reasons (most notably, sloth) I had not. So with this in mind, Jesse and I decided to make this interesting and lay out a friendly wager. Anyone of us who does not post at least 1 blog a week must throw in $20 into the missed blog pot. There you go, that's the story.

Now Jesse Fewell ( and Scott Lock ( already have a head start, but in about 5 minutes, Blog #1 will officially be in the can.

As a side note, one may note that this entry has little to do with Agile, but there's plenty more coming. Next Blog topic will most likely be "Scrum But".