Sunday, August 23, 2009

One More Agile Blog V2.0 or "If you have sent me an email in recent months and I have not replied, here’s why……"

Welcome to the new (and hopefully improved) version of my blog, One More Agile Blog (now in version 2.0).

There are really two key changes.  The first is my blog URL is now  The second change is that I have changed the look of the site (which really just involved me changing the blog template).

Why the URL change?  To make a long story short, back in July I found out that my email provider, for some unknown reason, placed my BlogSpot blog URL on their URL blacklist.  This meant that any email coming into Excella’s email system with my blog URL in the body was automatically being blocked with us receiving no notification of this happening and being unable to retrieve these blocked emails.  This was extremely unfortunate since I have my blog URL in my email signature,  so this would have affected anyone replying to one of my emails.  I have lost and continue losing emails without knowing how many I have lost and who has been sending me emails.

If you’ve emailed me in the past month or two, there’s a strong chance that I did not get the email.  Please contact me at either my (just make sure to not include my old blog URL) or (which does not have this issue).

With all that said, welcome to the new site.  More entries coming soon and this time I’ll strive to not have any month+ gaps in updates.


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  2. I think I might send you an email soon. Hope you won't miss it, friend.


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